The Struggle

Life can be challenging, confusing  and sometimes “unfair”, oftentimes it’s our own emotions that set us back.  Effectively and efficiently managing life, stress, anxiety and fear sometimes feels impossible.  This program is a simple and engaging experience allowing you to take better control of all aspects of your life. Enabling you to look, feel and always give your best.

The Solution

This 21 day Yoga + Meditation Course (Oct 31st - Nov 20th 2021),  is enough time to develop new healthier habits, you will deepen and strengthen your yoga practice.    I will share with you the  strategies and tools I used to overcome loss, death, financial hardship and more. I will teach you how to shift your mindset to become more optimistic, discover and build  new strength, courage, confidence and infinite happiness.  Together, throughout this course we will overcome and rise above. Course details and registration.

This course is for you if ..

 You are ready to get more out of your yoga practice. 

You love the way you feel on your yoga mat and want to feel this way more often. 

You can't justify giving any more time to yoga and or meditation, but know it would be worthwhile.

  You struggle to make decisions or make decisions you later regret.

You are not completely happy with your life, the way you look and feel.

 You’re often stressed and/or anxious

✔  You know you need accountability and motivation or else you’ll never make these changes and you’re ready to commit.

 You want to improve the quality of your life.

Discover Your Truest Strongest Self.

In just 21 days you will transcend becoming a stronger, happier, more authentic version of yourself.  These changes will be physical, mental, emotional and in some cases spiritual.  


Your transformation comes through immersing yourself in this course; yoga practice, meditation, lecture, discussion, readings, retention quizzes, reflection exercises, gratitude practice, journaling, accountability and community.


The course is currently offered for $429 Register now OR Find out if this course is right for you, schedule a call with Jade.

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When I was 29 years old, I suffered the sudden and tragic loss of my sister.  Yoga and meditation were the tools I used to avoid a deep dark place,  they also helped me navigate what was to come next:  Over a period of three years I managed to gracefully overcome some of life's biggest stressors.  I gave birth to my daughter, realized I was in an abusive marriage, got  through a very stressful divorce, moved four times, maintained financial health, completed my yoga training and excelled as an instructor, cared for my daughter, and gave my brother a kidney, all in just three years I attribute my strength, success, and fearless pursuit of happiness to my yoga and meditation practices. 


Jade has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She currently teaches yoga and meditation for Aaptiv (Over 100 yoga & meditation audio classes),  Equinox, Pure Yoga and Variis.  She has a “Sleep Better” Meditation program on Amazon's Audible and audio yoga and meditation classes on Spotify,  iTunes and Amazon Music.  Jade  has been featured on Dr. Oz, GMA, and published in Shape, Elle, Fitness Magazine, Marrie Claire and Furthermore.  Jade has also worked with celebrities including; Alicia Keys, Jordan Sparks, Brooklyn Decker, H.E.R and Steven Lang.


Jade completed her yoga and meditation training with Pure Yoga* in New York City.  She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, CPT and completed her MBA at  Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.Jade  is registered with the National Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200 / RYT300). 

*Jade studied yoga with Kay Kay Clivio, Yogi Charu and Tao Poncho Lynch. Following a lineage of many; T.Krishnamacharya, Ana Forrest, Baron Baptiste, John Friend and Shri K. Pattabhi Jois,  Shri K. Patta, and Saraswati lineage. 

A Glimpse of what you will learn..

 You will discover how to feel and  speak your truth, develop a better connection with yourself and improve your relationships with others
  Dive Deeper into the postures, learn the benefits, proper alignment, modifications  and advanced versions. 


Most people don’t realize that stress from negative thinking can affect the likelihood of mental disorders and other health issues.  I will teach you how to shift your mindset. It really is possible to see the good in every situation!


 You will discover how to let your happiness shine brighter than your biggest fear; you will gain courage.


You are only as strong as your weakest  link.  We will identify your weakest links and make them stronger. 


Yoga and meditation heal the body from the inside out and the outside in. You will build mental and physical strength, you will see old injuries, mental and emotional pains dissipate.


Yoga and meditation practices require patience, you will become much more patient with yourself and others. 


Yoga  and meditation work uniquely for each of us.  You’ll learn how it works for you and how to best incorporate them into your daily life, forever transforming you.

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Secure your spot today!  In just 21 days you’ll transcend becoming your truest  strongest self.  This program is currently offered for $429 and includes an additional one month of access to all course content including yoga and meditation classes.  Early bird pricing $329 expires 30 days before start of course, apply discount code at check out TRUEPEACE

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Bonus Material

✔ Pre-recorded yoga and meditation classes.
✔ Access to all course content including all yoga classes for an additional 30 days.
✔ Lifetime access to our open-hearted community

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This program was created with love and much thought.  If you participate fully, with openness to learn - do every lesson, do each session, complete all of the homework and you're still dissatisfied with your experience, you can submit your work for review and request a refund.